"Rendez-vous is the name of the collection because I just knew that we were meant to meet."

It is important to know how you are going to pair your purchase before you buy it!

I know for a fact, as a wardrobe stylist, that there is nothing more exciting for a woman than to add a new, quality piece in her closet. And, nothing more disappointing than to leave the tag on for lack of inspiration or confidence.

We want to make sure you love and cherish your new garment and wear it as in many ways as possible, through the seasons, based on your lifestyle and your mood!

How to wear your Angela Blouse

  • White, beige, brown leather jacket will be perfect to match with the softness of the top. 
  • Cami, blue wash jeans, or white jeans for a soft look
  • Open toe nude shoes
  • Flare jeans
  • Brown cowboy boots
  • White, beige, brown leather jacket 
  • Add a brown belt for polishing your look

For the edgy look, same deal! Enjoy a short leather jacket, a pair of jeans (black and dark wash will be best to match our little bulldog print).


I also love to show the details of those awesome sleeves and for that I don’t hesitate to pair it with a furry vest.

For a more edgy sexy look, I will go with leather leggings, why not?! Because the back of the blouse is long enough to cover your booty, you can absolutely pull off those leggings!

How to wear your Kiki Blouse?

How To Wear Your Edwige Dress?

For a Boho and Edgy look, pair the Edwige dress with your leather jacket and some black boots and rock your style out! 

As simple as this dress is, for a Spring or Summer look, there is not much to do, it speaks for itself!

Opt for some white open toe high heels and a little clutch.

Et Voila!

For the Boho look, that you can carry through the Fall/Winter season depending on where you live.

  • Black tights
  • Back ankle booties
  • Furry vest 
  • Fedora hat to finish it off 

Sustainable Style Tips: There are hundreds and hundreds of furry vests in consignment shops! Don’t hesitate to Vintage shop!

As simple as this dress is, for a Spring or Summer look, there is not much to do, it speaks for itself! 

Dress it down: with sandals and a wicker hat for a complete French look.

Dress it up with some white open toe high heels and a little clutch. 


How to wear your Sarah Dress?

How to wear your Flavie Top?

For a Boho look, pair the crop top with high-waisted jeans. The high-waisted jeans are a wonderful solution when you want to hide some curves AND… it also makes your legs look soooo long! So go for it!  

Add brown boots to compliment and enhance the little brownish print in your top. And a Fedora hat… you know the deal!

For the French look:

White pants and jean jacket ALL DAY LONG! 

The advantage of this top is that the back is longer than the cropped front and can easily hide your booty.

PS: this is a perfect option for traveling. Effortless, light and will travel everywhere. 🙂