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I bet those past couple of months with the pandemic; you were not so much motivated to buy clothes that don’t matter to you… and I THANK YOU for that. I am glad all this switched your mind to a more sustainable living, lifestyle, and closet. 

You may wonder what’s the deal with fashion right now, and maybe wonder why I am still working on the same collection since January 1st.  

Post Pandemic – Where is the Fashion at? 

Billions of dollars of clothing orders placed with manufacturers around the world have been canceled. Major physical retailers have shuttered. Online sales are down by as much as 30-40% in the US. A majority of fashion businesses are likely to suffer financial distress over the coming months. Many will not survive.

For a business with $2.5 trillion in global annual revenues, fashion is ripe for an overhaul of how it produces and in what quantities.

Not only is the traditional fashion system financially wasteful, it is also very damaging to the environment. According to the 2019 Global Wellness Trends Report, fashion is the world’s second-worst offender in terms of water pollution. It is also responsible for roughly 10% of all carbon emissions. The price of beauty on the planet is high and real.

A sick planet makes for sick people and the fashion industry can’t afford to make the planet any sicker. Quite the opposite, it can make the planet healthier by moving faster to meet the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

BCG’s research finds that 86% of the more than 500 manufacturers surveyed have been severely impacted by canceled or suspended orders and 40% are struggling to pay employees and their suppliers.

As a result, sustainability has been put on the back burner, but right now, the industry needs to accelerate it.

 “The best thing to come out of this very painful time is that we as individuals understand that our individual actions have societal consequences,” Willersdorf adds. “So while the virus is not directly related to sustainability, it is going to increase the focus on it.”

Coming out of the crisis, things are likely to get worse before they get better. “Consumers are going to spend less for the foreseeable future,” Willersdorf warns.

“And they are going to be far more selective with a mindset toward quality, value, and sustainability. They will be concerned about where fashion comes from, that it is ethically manufactured, and that it is as good as it can be for the environment,” she continues.

The time consumers have spent at home caused a radical reset to their priorities which will be reflected in their lifestyles going forward. As a result, they are going to look for brands they can trust and pay attention to the “collective good,” most especially in product categories like fashion and beauty that are considered close to the body.

The fashion winners coming out of this, Willersdorf contends, are the ones that have already “incorporated sustainability into real business practices. This will drive advantage.”

On the other hand, the losers will be brands that have been slow to realize how important sustainability, environmental, and social responsibility are to their current and future customers. “Their economics are going to be competitively disadvantaged if they haven’t moved towards this,” she says.

“This is in part because of a long-term positive impact on the supply chain, since we otherwise expect there to be an increased cost of labor and other resources,” she says.

“Sustainable business practices can uncover new revenue streams, reduce risk, and lead to better business models,” Willersdorf says.


Designs by Delphine, where are you at? 

As I said on my last blog, I have to pause and rethink the garment I want to put into realization, taking into consideration the world crisis and women’s needs. 

Can you expect to see the second collection that I created, one day? Maybe. It all depends where I am in a year. But I feel that my brand and the message of confidence, empowerment, and sustainability is evolving daily, getting stronger and stronger. And every fashion business should be at the same stage as I am. So if my ethos evolves, my creation will follow, too, and I am the type of girl who only walks forward. My fabrics will never be a waste, and there are many ways I can repurpose it for the greater good.

Nothing has been lost, besides some expenses (fabrics and drawing). No order was made before the pandemic. Only lessons learned here 🙂 


 Thank you for your support, for reading those blogs, for getting informed, for getting to know a brand, the love, and the sweat of a business whose only motive is to contribute to the change of the world, of your world. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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