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Slow down! What the hell does that mean, today?

The Story

Why do we need to slow down and what the hell does that mean? Haha 

“Slowing down” this beautiful concept that I truly want to punch in the face, the person who tells me to do so. However, I am like you on a mission to explore this idea, to live and consume in a different way. So, how on this earth can we “slow down”, far away from the culture, the society we grow up in?

3 tips to chill the fuck out:

  1. “3pm: I am out” kinda thing. 

I have to push myself recently to go on a walk. This sounds freaking boring, because we already told you that you need to go in nature. But I want to make sure you read it again, so it actually sinks in your head! Hahah. Yes, girl get out, push yourself for 30 minutes to go refresh. Nobody can steal this moment from you. I used to worry if some of my busy tasks didn’t get done, and of course I have to be serious about it, but I also learned to reduce that to do list so I know I have time for “being”. At 3pm, Delphine is not on her computer anymore. Know how and when to clock out, typically if you are working from home. Be ok to say “NO” and “NO MORE”. This is the beginning of a journey, the journey to have more time for yourself. 

  1. Story of the French stew.

Do you think that amazing french stew just happens to be good, just because it’s French? It’s good, because it took 2 hours to cut everything and 24 hours slow cooked and stirred 15 times. Good things take time. Again, I am considering this in my biz, and I am confident that the less I propose, the better I can work on it and the more reason I have, you have, to love the collection and vintage I put out there.

  1. That empty cup…

Well again that may be obvious but you just need to read this again! Sleep as much as you can. I spent a day in bed last Wednesday, and I didn’t feel one bit guilty about it. I read, ate, and napped twice haha. Twice and I went to bed at 9.30pm… and did another 10 hours of sleep. You may have young kids, and say “yeah idiot, take my kids and I’ll do that too” but my point is, you need to have that 30 minutes nap and make an appointment with yourself as often as you can, it’s vital. 

PS: I picked this vintage vest (pictured above), handmade in Mexico. I took the time to shoot this vest, do you hear me? I took the time, I didn’t rush to sell 30 products, I made one look perfectly. It is maybe gone by now, but in case it is not, have a check on my website. It’s a size XS, but definitely will fit more a Small or Medium size easily. Shop it on my Vintage page.

How to wear it? A pair of Jeans or jeans short, black tee-shirt under it. You can as well put a more beachy look with linen pants, a pair of sandals and a simple tank top.

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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