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How I am becoming slow fashion minded.

The Story

16 to 24 yrs old. French, shopaholic? 

Truth is that I always love to shop and still do. I love to physically touch garments, fabrics etc. Back in those early days, in France, it was one of my main activities. We were meeting some girlfriends, got coffee on Saturday afternoon, watched people out of the coffee shop window and then went shopping. I was very conscious of my budget, as a student, I had too (thank god, this kept me on track of my purchases) but I was still not very well educated on what was behind my clothing. 

24 to 26 yrs old. Colorado girl, here I come. 

When I first arrived I remember saying that there was no shopping, people were only going skiing and still being outside with temperatures below 0 and I was truly wondering what the hell I was doing to myself to land here. This didn’t change me from the outside, I was always put together and still am (but I can be okay to go to the post office after a workout – which I wouldn’t years ago haha). I had to slow down and adapt. My lifestyle was changing drastically and for the better.

26 to 28 yrs old. Looking the part.

Working for some luxury boutiques in the ski resorts of Vail, Colorado kept me very much attached to the fashion world. But I was still not the gal to put $300.00 toward a blouse.. so I become full-on addicted to consignment shops and thrifty stores where I still always find treasures, from high-end designers, to pure vintage. And the truth is I was always getting compliments on the way I looked, which kept me going to be more conscious and check second-hand items before anything else. And this was also for home decor of course :).

29 to …. Being part of the change.

I was educating myself more and more. Movies, documentaries, podcasts, books and I became passionate and horrified at the same time of what is happening behind the clothing industry. Then, I decided that I had something to do with it… and it was worth the try to be part of the change by not only being a better consumer but by creating my own designs, a clothing line that matters. And the big search started, inspired by vintage and secondhand pieces, by reusing fabrics that others discarded once, I was able to create something special. Because to be honest, if you want a badass style that speaks to you, you won’t find it in trends, you will find it in something unique.

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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