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How to change your opinion about second-hand shopping.

The Story

Oh girl, I know, I know. 

You are quite jealous of your friend that found a cute dress on consignment for $50, 5 years ago and is still wearing it. While you just bought one for triple the price at a not-so-good big brand store that you shopped last weekend at the mall, and on the top of that you are still not quite sure if it fits you… so you’re pissed (yeah, I would be too).

Does this sound familiar?

I know that you feel overwhelmed by the consignment shops and you have no freaking idea where to start, so you avoid them at all cost? I know, I know, you are not alone. 

But guess what, I have some tips and solutions here: 

  1. Know why you are going in.

It’s not because it’s cheap that you need to buy everything “oh that’s cute!” …or you are going to fall right back into the overconsumption. Before you go into a vintage shop – know why you are going, and know what you are looking for. When in doubt, stick with your neutrals, avoid anything `~ish, remember no grey-ish, green~ish, poo~ish, it never looks good (read color blog here)! With this method, I can be out in 10 minutes! Eventually, you can do a second loop to find something unique, that will add value to your lifestyle. 

  1. Check male section. Wait what? 

Oh the french girl looooveeees to do that, that oversized button down shirt that she can tuck half way in a pair of jeans, or tie a knot on the front with some barely seen but adorable lingerie or swimsuit top under it? Hmm? 

  1. Use the internet, and so use me

From the comfort of your home, you can shop consignment, scroll my Instagram @sustainableyourself and my website I provide sizes, measurements of the garments and I can in all honesty tell you if this will fit you and how you can pair it. They are my personal curated pieces, and if I got them, then they must be good. 🙂 Looking for something special? I can help too!

  1. BONUS TIPS: It is okay to be a beginner.

Never apologize, feel sorry for yourself and act embarrassed because you have no idea what you are doing. If you are working on being a better consumer, you are my girl. Like you learn English grammar at 10 years old, baking your first gluten free cookies, learning a new job, it goes the same way for being a new, better consumer. We all learn somewhere, with a couple baby steps and it looks freaking good on you!

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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