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The 3 big things I learned being in the fashion world…

The Story

  1. Primary tool: A Curated Idea

This should be the start for all designers, bloggers, and other fashion addicts. What do you bring to the table that is either unique, or already exists (but can be improved or personalized)? 

Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed by what others have been doing since 2010 (while you are still in college and ignorant of the world), with 4,000 posts on Instagram and 200k followers. This can be discouraging, but it should not be. By all means. 

If you are again, bringing something unique, you have your own way to express yourself through your designs or your blog, and you are bringing knowledge about your experience… then you have all the primary tools to keep the ball rolling. So a curated idea must be the number one thing to put on paper before any business plan. 

  1. Best weapon: Motivation & Passion

I had many skills around my belt, from starting as a wardrobe stylist, modeling for 10 years, French born and raised (still a skill in many people’s eyes when it comes to style and confidence), multi-businesses owner and designer. I have never stopped learning since I have been out of college and each time I make a new step, I always remember my “why”. 

Money cannot be your FIRST “why”, because you will be disappointed. Trust me, there are other ways to be less stressed than being in the fashion world. Your motivation and passion has to be stronger than anything else, because some days, many many of them, that will be your only weapon to keep you going through the challenges. 

  1. The pure designing time is only 10% of your time

As a one woman show (and we all are at the beginning), designing will be a very small percentage of your time.

After that comes: 

The production (30% of your time) with: 

  • Sourcing the fabrics
  • Creating a tech pack for each garments (technology drawings and measurements and sizing)
  • Sampling with a lot of back and forth until you get the perfect garment.
  • Manufacturing 

The marketing (60% of your time) with: 

  • Website and branding
  • Photos
  • Social medias contents strategy 
  • Marketing plan and advertisement

Did I say PATIENCE is your second best weapon? I am still working on it. 🙂 Because to be honest with you, at one point, shit will hit the fan, what you think was “controllable”, will become uncontrollable and you will be at the test with what comes to you, at you and or for you. And you will put your big pants on to learn the best way you should react to it. 

But at the end of the day, you will keep going, because there is nothing more rewarding than what you put out there to the world, and even more if it has a purpose.

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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