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Do I really need to avoid certain colors?

The Story

What colors do you need to avoid (if any) and what is the most sustainable for this topic? 

I remember styling a lady a couple years ago, who was obsessed with colors.

We started the consultation with her full on Colorimetry palettes that she had made maybe 10 years ago and she was full on sticking with it, and putting the palette next to each garment to make sure she was right on the color they advised her to wear. 

I do not work this way because it is not accurate and it will limit you with a wardrobe that may make you bored sooner than later. Which is not sustainable… 🙂 

There are many theories out there: 

  • Putting the garment near your face (which is my favorite) 
  • Looking at the color of your veins, if they are green, go for warm colors, if they are bluish go for a cool color.
  • Put gold or silver jewelry next to your face.

Well, ok but what about, I love silver, but I am a warm “blondinette”? What about my taste? 

Also what if I don’t care if I am a Spring or Winter shade, and the color of my skin, of my hair and my eyes change constantly through the year? 

Ok do you start to understand where I am going??? 

Rule number 1: Don’t go again with black thinking that is safe…

The black is not necessarily safe if the shape, the style or the fabric is not well for you.

Rule number 2: Avoid anything “-ish

Grey-ish, poo-ish, green-ish, usually the -ish never really turns out haha! It will be a pain to mix with your closet, you are never going to be sure if it’s for you. Result, it will be a waste of time and confidence and money and so on. 

Rule number 3: Focus on the fabric, not necessarily the color.

My mum never ever wanted to wear red and she pissed me off many times because I thought it was lovely on her. A red cotton was indeed awful on her, a red on linen was absolutely stunning and it took her 56 years to wear a red linen jumpsuit to a wedding 🙂 And trust me, she got some looks and comments. 

Moral of the story: Don’t categorize one color in a box because we told you so, check some different options and fabrics, you may be surprised! 

Combining your color properly is also a topic that will make your wardrobe active, not stagnant!

  • Playing camaieu you can’t go wrong – a tone down or up will make a cute outfit.
  • Learn how to play with some versatile colors instead of always mixing it with a pair of jeans or black pants because “it’s safe”. Example: beige and red, navy and light blue, grey and blue, blue and brown. 

So trust your gut girlfriend! And if you have a doubt we can always chat about it! 

Stay well. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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