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In one of my Instagram stories, I asked what subject you would like me to talk about this week, and 70% of you answered “business topics”. When it comes to style, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable clothing or business growth, for me it’s all in the same box so I like to share all that I know for you to Be Yourself and Beyond

The one thing that I learned through both of my businesses, Wardrobe and Props Stylist and Sustainable Designer, is the type of mindset you need to stick with in order for you to succeed. 

This mindset is called the growth mindset. What does that mean? 

You will have the idea of saving the world with your business, or saving a problem that your future client will have. You are over excited, everything is falling into place, you get your logo, the domain name, you even get your product or service in place and you are ready to launch. You are thinking “Wow, finally I made it!” You are telling your family and friends, they are going to be your biggest fans and don’t forget to thank them. If your auntie is sharing all of your posts even though she doesn’t understand English, she loves you and wants to support you, THANK HER!

Now what? Why, Delphine are you talking about this growth mindset? What does this have to do with it? 

Well when you are a business owner, there are many areas of a business that you will have no idea about. You may not have the money to hire a professional and you may need to pull up your sleeves to do the dirty work. And for that, you have to have that growth mindset mentality. 

Affirmation to quit: 

“Oh but I am not good at…” 

“ I don’t have time for that right now…”

Those have to be replaced in the best manners for you to take action, to go forward in your business. 

You may and HAVE to invest in some courses for you to progress in your adventure. There is no progress without new learning. You have to switch your mentality that you can accomplish anything but you have to be POSITIVE about it and you have to have that BOSS BABE MENTALITY. 

Here are two of my best examples… one in my business, one in my lifestyle: 

1. I am French, I am not a good English writer and I have no idea what to talk about in my Instagram captions. BS. Because I took courses and spent some hours doing some homework, I am finally so comfortable with all my writing and ideas. Things are organized and flow easily, from my blog, my posts and what I do for a living. This took a strong mindset to get over my fear of “not being good at”.

2. I started dirt biking, yes not very lady-like but I wanted to explore this activity to spend more time with my husband, so we have an extra activity that we can do together. Do you think I have any idea of what I am doing? When we went out last weekend dirt biking and he brought me to a more difficult area, I was a bit pissed. I kept repeating in my head “Is he fucking serious?” Why did he bring me here, I don’t have the level and so on and so on. He took off in front of me and I got stuck on a hill, a big tree root was crossing the path and I was STUCK. I didn’t get enough speed. I was afraid to fall, so I didn’t get over it, I was panicking. UNTIL I took a deep breath, I caught myself not having the right mindset, the mindset of “you have no fucking idea of what you are doing, you should never try this activity, this is ridiculous” to “shut the fuck up, you don’t need him to come back and save you and you are such a badass doing what you do.” Guess what happened? I unstuck myself, like a big girl with her big pants on :). Took me a solid 5 minutes and I felt it was a lifetime. Haha. 

This works like this for anything in life! Your winner mindset will bring you more than you can ever imagine. It is the same in business. You have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow. So start to practice! 

For a quick ass mindset, you also must need some kick ass sustainable clothing on. Don’t forget to shop here. Like superstition, you may want to wear your favorite necklace to an important conference. Remember that wearing powerful sustainable clothes, also brings out the boss babe inside you. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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