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As usual, let’s keep this blog fun and informative!

What is the true QuaranQueen lifestyle? Is it only taking a shot of your bubble bath with your glass of wine or is there more we can do? What other boxes can we check? From your mental health, to sustainable clothing, how do we adapt in the most gentle way for this new chapter of our life? 

  1. Check your mental and emotional health – and make this the new normal.
  • Work on a fun and strict routine. Like your kids, you need some schedule to stay effective and productive. If you don’t, you are likely going to get more tired and depressed. You will lose a sense of balance. 
  • Work smarter not harder. Perfect timing to prioritize what matters and what doesn’t. So you can enjoy your life and your family more. 
  • Work on your emotion. Eat well, yes of course, exercise 30 minutes, yes of course… but don’t forget to check on yourself, inside your brain too. Ask yourself, how are you doing? What do you need to change to feel better?  


  1.  Prepare NOW for the unknown future. 
  • Learning to do things from home, workout Zoom. Anyone? 
  • Placing hygiene as a top priority. Anyone? 
  • Thinking of building an online business? What is next, ladies?! 


  1. Work on a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Create a new routine, better than your old one. What has been dragging you for many years that needs to change? What are those old emotions that are holding your back to live better? 
  • Support your locals more than you have ever done before.
  • Think twice before buying something.
  • Reuse what you have in your wardrobe, buy fair trade clothes, get your first and amazing ethical dress or purchase from sustainable businesses for everything you can. Follow @sustainableyourself on Instagram for daily ideas! 


Being a QuaranQueen is using this time to improve certain, if not all areas of your life. It is being more aware of our condition as human beings, it’s becoming more creative, thinking of the next and not just what’s for dinner. It is letting the new chapter unfold but being an activist of our own life. We are making history right now and being given the opportunity to offer the world a new face. Use this time like a true QuaranQueen, my friend. 


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Wednesday Sustainable Biz Inspo! 

Meet Sheena, a local, amazing Denver based jewelry designer!

Be in the loop for her future collection launching on April 23rd!!!


Here are her words, ladies, and trust me it is as powerful as it gets:

“Empowering you,

I believe that what you wear should come from a place of empowered choice, and that your jewelry should represent your values and needs without compromises.


If you want ethically, handmade jewelry, you should have that.


If you want effortless jewelry that you can just throw on without much fuss, you should have that.


If you want jewelry that doesn’t leave a negative mark on other human beings or the planet, you should have that.”


Isn’t it enough to check her out. Here is her website:


Thank you Sheena for what you do, I will wear those for some years to come, all through the seasons like I like to do with my clothing collection. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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