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Dress up or down to work from home?

The Story

When you have nobody to see than yourself, your husband and your kiddos… What is the best alternative outfit to wear so you can keep yourself motivated to get shit done? Welcome to my life. 🙂 

So if you are not sure if you need to be in your pajamas, your sweatpants or something more elevated, this blog is for you. 

There is some psychology behind what we wear. No doubt about that. It affects your mood, productivity and what you’re about to accomplish in your day. Even though I work from home most of the time, I always have some errands to do, someone to meet at the coffee shop, and so it always pushes me to dress the part. BUT, when it comes to the time that you have no errands to do because you are fully quarantined, that’s where things can get loose and off the chart! 

If you are new to working from home, I would suggest motivating yourself to dress up a bit and to not change your routine… especially if you have a hard time digging into work because you are home, in your “non-work” environment. 

Here are just a couple pieces and ideas that will drag you out of bed, that are different from the ones you watch Netflix on. 

I still love my jeans so much, and I can elevate them with either a loose blouse or a cozy sweater. 

Shoes or no shoes, it is up to you.  I would suggest, you still wear some, so you are full gear on for a “work day”. Of course, flats, sneakers, or ballerina are perfect. Thank god we are out of Sorel boots (for my favorite Colorado readers ;). 

What about leggings? Yes, that’s ok too! It doesn’t have to be your yoga/workout pants though, but you can pair it with a nice blouse or top, to make it less casual. Leggings will allow you to squat down to pick up your baby, and have a break to easily play with your kids sometime during the day.

Dresses? Yes of course! Just wear a dress at home if you like, it is not forbidden to wear. Enjoy a cotton one, something not too tight, something that still lets you move and feel comfortable.

A sweater with chino pants, Yes!

A jumpsuit? Yes! 

See, you can really play around with what you have in your closet. Be creative with your closet, this is the time you do it! 

And if you ever want to help a small business like mine, shop my designs and enjoy a 50% OFF discount with ALLTOGETHER50. Half of the proceeds will go to my clothing production workers in India. 

Stay well and healthy.

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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