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3 missions to focus on if you are not a toilet paper manufacturer

The Story

My dream, business and mission is to focus on ethical fashion, understanding what we call sustainable fashion and giving you the perfect garment, with all transparency. It may not feel like the most “vital” mission you would think of today, when we are all rushing to the grocery store, in this uncertain time of history. You may wonder too, how your business or job is going to survive in this difficult time (if you are not a toilet paper manufacturer). I totally hear you! But here is what I have to say…

“Don’t give up on your business, on your dream, on your mission because of something that has nothing to do with your craft”. Instead, use that time wisely. There is no time like today to focus on things we haven’t allowed ourselves to do before, learn to disconnect, learn to adapt but keep digging for gold. 

You can worry all day, scroll through your Instagram and Facebook a 1,000 times, bite every information about Coronavirus… but if I did it for a couple days, I quickly understood that I was losing and wasting my entire day, and I don’t like that feeling. You, little business or powerful mama, wife, sister, there is so much more you can do right now at your advantage.  

You must keep selling your product or service. 

You can’t shut your business down but you have to be as empathic as possible. There are most people and me included that will cut unnecessary purchases. It is the reality. Keep putting your awesome message out there. Keep offering some deals, use humor if you can, you have to adapt with kindness. We are in this TOGETHER and I think this is just beautiful. See it that way!

Unconnecting for reconnecting 

It is not because you stay at home that you are disconnected. We have so many ways to connect with people. We really have it all at home, or on our phone and computer. Reconnect with your family, you have the opportunity to do so. Also and mostly you can reconnect with yourself. Spend some time alone, go for a walk, a bike ride by yourself, it is the most amazing connection you need to practice right now. 

We have been asked literally to stay at home to disconnect from the clutter of our life and to reconnect at the same time with the essentials. This has never happened before. Never.

Fix shit and support your locals. 

Fix your clothes, organize your closet, donate what is cluttering your life. Make space for changes. If things need to be renewed, make sure to help local businesses, sustainable fashion guru first instead of running on Amazon and, maybe buy your first fair trade dress! Use this invaluable time to learn more about ethical fashion businesses, read their story, reach out to them, share their blog, do that little click that will brighten their days in a way you can’t even imagine.

Let’s stay “connected”. Love is as strong as fear, it all depends where you want to put your energy!

Be safe and of course, practice to “be yourself and beyond” more than ever. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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