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What happened in India… this story, beyond my own.

The Story

There is the story that your mind builds with pictures and videos, like what I propose on my social media and there is the behind the scenes struggle… that can only be accountable if written. 

We all know that Facebook and Instagram is a place for perfection where you only see people having the most successful business and life. Don’t we all like pretty things? So, me too, I want to show a beautiful brand but I really, really like the idea to talk about the truth and show the behind the scenes. The good, the bad and the ugly. Things never go as planned and you are a fool if you think that everything you plan will fall into place.

This story is beyond my own. 

The first day I arrived at the factory to work on the Hard Patterns of my 6 designs with my pattern maker Bablu, my excitement shut down and the worries began. 

Bablu’s wife has been sick for weeks and his daughter was getting some nasty symptoms of sickness too which forced Bablu to stay near his family and bring them to the hospital which is 100 miles away from where they live. 

This sounds like an easy process in our Western mind… But being sick in India is another level of struggle that we barely can imagine. The cost to get to the doctor, the cost of a doctor visit itself, the cost of medicine, the days of waiting outside the hospital to get a consultation, the fact to be away from work for many days is also a hard one to sustain a family, when you are the only one who has a job in the family. We are talking about life here. Bablu left the factory 10 minutes after I arrived and I didn’t see him again.

On the other side of this story… this is my first day, I am with a photographer and videographer that I paid for the whole trip + content. I am not sure by now how I am going to get my designs done, if I don’t have the main and one most talented person on board with me. I have to make this trip worth it, get the work done so my company can sustain, so I can give more in the future. The fight mode is ON. 


Karam, the manager of the factory, knows another great pattern maker Ashred who can work on my design but he works during the week at another factory. So he proposed to take on my designs after his work, he said he could work from home. Things obviously get delayed and the stress is at the maximum, for me, for the team, for Ashred.

This took much more time and I only had 2 weeks to make everything fit into my short visit but we proudly made it, as you could see on my first collection. 

This is the true story behind our clothes. Always have in mind that you wear the hardship, the story of others, the sadness and grief of your tailored clothing, and the sweat of incredible people. We are wearing the HARDSHIP, the STRUGGLES and the LOVE. We are wearing HUMANITY.

Note on Bablu’s wife:

Bablu’s wife is not feeling any better unfortunately, and needs some surgery. I have been in contact with Karam about Bablu and the cost of surgery. We should have some ideas in the next week or so, so I can put together a GOFUNDME, to save his wife. 

A meaningful and successful business is not just:

following deadlines, 

being on budget, 

getting the content you need, 

being rich, 

being popular, 

being highly educated, 

or being perfect, 

it is being real, 

being humble, 

being strong 

and being able to share ourselves 

and touch the lives of others. 

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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