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How to acknowledge your Superpower?

The Story

If you think you have no super power, or that some people already do what you do or do something similar or worse… that’s it’s not worth the try… you need to read further. 

We all have a purpose in life and so do you. You may still wonder what it is and you may not have all the answers on what and how, but you are surely like me… you have that superpower. I am here to show you how to find it.

What makes you YOU? What skills do you have that nobody has? Or in what ways can you present your superpower to the world to bite your competition? What is so different in you, that nobody can compare to someone/something else? That my friend, will be part of your superpower.

You may think… “Well whatever, easy to say Delphine.” I had no idea what mine was for a long time. Think of this young girl out of college with a Masters in Tourism, arriving in Colorado not knowing a word of English… coming to learn a bit before getting a proper job in the outdoor/travel field… yep that was me. BUT, because I was French and never left my house without being put together… I set myself apart in my little valley of Colorado, where the outdoors are the main reason to live there. This was my superpower. This sounds weird and paradoxical but I have style, love style, understand fashion, I am passionate about thrifty finds and UNIQUE garments, and always confident whenever and wherever I go. This brought me to my first client “Hey would you mind helping me to get dressed for this designer convention in New York?” …. Bingo. Bye-bye Masters of Tourism, you were lovely but something else is calling. And even though you are not in the perfect location, the internet is a wonderful thing we have to expand ourselves, our ideas and sales anywhere we want. 

Listen to your heart – What do you love to do? What gives you excitement? What drives you out of your bed or your couch? Start making a list.

Listen to people – What have people said to you for years? Your parents, your friends, your network? Oh my gosh Delphine, you are so stylish. How do you do this? Omg Delphine, you need to come to my closet. Delphine, have you thought of opening your own store, or designing your own clothes? 

Based on the above, ask yourself what can be realistic to do. Is there a market for it? Is there a need locally or nationally? Now circle one or two on your list.

Is this doing any good for people or to the world? How can you help others? 

This is the exact way you will start to understand your superpower. It has nothing to do with your past, the school your parents wanted you to go to, what your boyfriend/husband says. It is in you. This is the beginning of your success, and it is at this point that you are already becoming successful.

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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