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Our roles as “sustainable” businesses

The Story

I listened to a podcast about the brand AllBirds shoes and their mission on the Wardrobe Crisis Podcast. Amazing! Some questions and comments made me think a bit… which is exactly what I need to do as an entrepreneur fighting for sustainable and ethical clothing and products. I have to think, learn and also share! 

The 1st quote from Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger was 

“People don’t buy sustainability, they buy product experiences.”

You should not worry and spend hours researching whether this brand or the other is sustainable or not. As an entrepreneur and business owner it should be OUR concerns to make the most sustainable and ethical brand possible so at the end of the day you buy the product you need without worrying. With as much detail and transparency as we can give, it should just be automatic information we provide you as the consumer.  

I am as transparent and detailed as possible on how I do things with my sustainable brand, I think this is how it should be, always! Information is there if you want it but I want you to buy the product that will give you the experiences you are looking for including the many ways you can wear it… Boho or classic French style, it is up to you, your day or your mood. As far as the behind the scenes, I am honest and in charge. 

2nd Quote

“Comfy is a dirty word in fashion.”

“We just want the look, it doesn’t matter if it hurts or doesn’t fit properly. Comfort doesn’t look good anyway.” This comment is becoming outdated, in the shoes or clothing industry. It is our role to put a product that fits both needs of our society, the aesthetic and the comfort. If a product is comfortable it becomes very easily sustainable, meaning you are going to wear and keep that piece for ever. Comfy doesn’t have to be ugly, and there’s proof in that when you shop DG. 😉 

3rd Comment

“How circular is your brand?”

This was also the question that a sustainable/ethical influencer asked me recently. For the one who is not familiar with that term, it means, what becomes of your product at the end of its life? 

We can only do our best, and go one step at a time. It is hard to think all the way through a product at once, and, I definitely thought of mine. Solutions are not all perfectly aligned but I have some thoughts. On the wash tag, you can find the message “Donate me, I will love you even more”, this is my first step. I would love for my design and pieces to be passed on to someone in need. There are many women out there who are reinserting themselves into a new career or new life after a period of difficulty and I would love that my design reaches them. 

I am all about repurposing products, mine and yours and all about empowering you in all the ways that I can. 

My next step, the zero waste factory. Be in touch soon for some new products made from the scraps of my collections. 


Be yourself and beyond

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