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When guilt takes over…

The Story

The special piece patiently waiting to be worn, getting dust in your closet… when guilt takes over. 

We all at some point bought something more expensive than we normally would. The beautiful cashmere sweater, special fancy jacket, leather handbag, you name it. We literally fell in love. You can still remember that inner voice that kept saying “You deserve it, come on, it is about time to reward yourself!” So you did. 

Problem: Since you bought it, it hasn’t left your closet. 

Here are common feelings you may have encountered:

  • The guilt of spending too much money on yourself
  • The shame that some people are not even able to feed their family
  • The eco-conscious mind that starts to react. “You don’t even know who made it, it’s brand new and you are contributing to such a waste…”. 

But, you bought it, so what do we do?

It is easier to feel culpable while it’s getting dusty in your closet than when actually wearing it.

Start changing the way you look at it. This refined piece has such a beautiful design, cut, or fabric. Appreciating those details will push you to become more picky and to buy less and better quality. Train your mind to love what you have so I can teach you slowly to become more sustainable.

Take 10 minutes and build 2 outfits you could pair it with. 

Try to dress it down, make it casual so you don’t look like you are going to a special event, or trying too hard. See if it can go well with a pair of jeans and some sneakers first. See if you can add a vintage piece, something not so new but with charm. Playing with new items and old ones helps me to create my own personal style and trust me, people notice it :). They notice the originality of my outfit more than the fanciness. 

If the guilt is still too strong, remember that you always have the opportunity to consign it. Someone will be happy to find it and use it more often than you do. But what about that money? You always have the choice to reinvest on something that you are more certain to use (don’t make another mistake!) or you can make a donation to a local cause, to become 100% guilt free.

Remember, it is the way you carry it in a “casual” and confident way that matters the most. If you try to hide yourself behind a little mouse hole, they will notice your discomfort. Change your mindset, repeat 3 times “I own it” before leaving your house, and then go on to the world my friend! 

Show me that special piece, so we can build something together and make you guilt free!

The growth doesn’t stop here. There are even more eco-lifestyle and business tools shared daily through blogs and social media posts. Make sure to follow my Instagram @DelphineGennisson. It is more than a clothing line, it is a stepping point in your life so you can finally wear all your values; beautiful, responsible and in constant transformation…

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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