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What do I mean by “Be Yourself and Beyond”?

The Story

I mean that all starts with the acceptance of WHO YOU ARE, so you can grow even bigger in many areas of your life.

May you find beautiful creations with a collaboration between Bohemian and French styles, where flowy and free spirit garments meet the simple and effortless look! This brand is a beautiful combination between my two homes, France and Colorado, which have inspired me all the way to this vision.

May you find peace here, to just BE and accept yourself, so you can be better than you were yesterday. Learn how to become more responsible, one garment at a time with our line, all made from upcycled fabrics, in India, in a fair-trade environment. You won’t find peace in perfection, and it is not our priority here but rather authenticity. While there is no need to rebuild a full wardrobe, the french girl will enjoy adding a piece here and there to her style, mixing with what she already has.

You will find EMPOWERMENT with style inspiration through the “Lookbook”. I am certain that there is nothing more exciting for a woman than to add a new, quality piece in her closet. And, nothing more disappointing than to leave the tag on for lack of inspiration or confidence.

The growth doesn’t stop here. There are even more eco-lifestyle and business tools shared daily through blogs and social media posts. Make sure to follow my Instagram @DelphineGennisson. It is more than a clothing line, it is a stepping point in your life so you can finally wear all your values; beautiful, responsible and in constant transformation…

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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