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How authenticity will make you succeed?

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Finding your purpose is a powerful motivator for being authentic. Your purpose defines who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in. When we are powered by purpose, we are able to take on greater risks and new roles that might usually feel uncomfortable. Authenticity fueled by a powerful purpose helps leaders inspire others, and that is a big part to become the leader of your life and/or your business.


Show who you truly are. Authenticity is opening up to the world that, just like your neighbor or coworker you are a human!!! Knowing, accepting and being proud of your body, your strengths, limitations and emotions is what WE – ALL – WANT – TO – SEE. Don’t hide your mistakes and weaknesses, this will instantly make you look weak. Instead, own who you are and the pass that you are on. Being self-aware and genuine with yourself will make you succeed in many areas of your life.


Love your imperfect closet. I know for a fact that it may not look like the one you dream about and may not be full of ethical and sustainable items. And it is OK. Start to love again what you own, so you can then love yourself again. You don’t need to have it all perfect to do good to yourself and to the world. Wear that old flare jeans that you wore once, and that vintage blazer that has been getting too much dust. Pair it with one of our blouses. This is the secret of a french girl who loved fashion but didn’t have the money to have it all perfect. My style has always been different and that’s how I  became successful. So you can.

PS: Our blouse are made from upcycled fabrics (unneeded to other companies) and are made with love in India, by Ganesh, Karam, Bablu, Lovely and more. So, when you reward yourself with it, your reward my little army and myself too 😉

Be yourself and beyond

You are the change I want to see.



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