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Rendez-vous Collection


Yes we do vintage. We scour local stores and bring you some awesome products hand picked by Delphine. Some epic stuff here curated, loved and recycled, just the way we like it.

Why we are your Perfect Choice?


You think Sustainable fashion is boring.

By reusing luxury, sexy and fun end roll fabrics, you still keep yourself in trend and you reduce the waste on our planet. Those end roll fabrics will be either sitting in a warehouse for years or could potentially be throwing out in the landfill. Delphine sources her fabrics in India and loves the concept of making unique and limited edition for you, where you can finally act for the planet without even thinking about it!


You think Sustainable fashion is too expensive.

While there is no need to rebuild a full “sustainable” wardrobe, the french girl will enjoy adding a piece here and there to her style, mixing with what she already has. To educate you, Delphine provides a Look Book showing different ways to wear each garment from her collection, with either what you already have in your closet or with some Vintage pieces, hunted personally by Delphine.


You don’t know where to start to be a better fashion consumer.

“We don’t need 100 people doing sustainability perfectly, we need a million doing it unperfectly.” From what you already own, with some vintage options and sustainable/ethical new garment, we can change our way to consume for a better world, for a better you, one garment at the time.

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The benefits of Handmade

Environmentally friendly. Since they are not made with the help of machines, there are hardly any chances of water, energy, land, and other natural resources getting wasted. No toxic chemicals are released into land, air, or water. It is completely eco friendly.

Better quality. The strength, durability, and uniqueness of the garments encompasses what you can find anywhere else.

Ethical Fashion. We are making the world more circular by providing a salary to 35+ employees in a third world country.

Confident and Responsible.
Wear your values now
with Style.

what People say about us

Post pandemic.

I bet those past couple of months with the pandemic; you were not so much motivated to buy clothes that don’t matter to you… and

I’ve failed.

I’ve failed. My mission with Designs By Delphine* is to bring sustainability to everyone and treating people equally. Empowering women and bringing confidence to you

that will make you stronger.

Empowering you with a new mindset for style and sustainability.


We want to make sure you get the best of your new garment and wear it in many ways as possible, through the seasons, or based on your lifestyle and your mood! Find out how Delphine styles it in several ways and get the Lookbook of the season by adding your email address here.